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The leaving care team

The leaving care team are your 'corporate parents', which means that it our responsibility to be good parents to all young people in our care.

A good corporate parent should have the same aspirations for a child in care, or a care leaver, that any good parent would have for their own child. This means providing you with the stability and support that you need to make progress and helping you to access new opportunities and experiences that inspire you to set ambitious goals for yourself.

It means celebrating your successes, but also recognising that you will sometimes make mistakes and need our help to get back on track. It also means supporting you to gain the skills and confidence to live an independent life whilst letting you know that you have someone to call on for help if the going gets tough.

The leaving care team is based in the Civic Centre, Gateshead. It is part of the corporate parenting service and works with young people who are aged 18 plus (care leavers). Our team is made up of personal advisors (PAs) who will support you with your journey to independence. We have a legal duty to support and assist you until you are 25.

What you can expect from your corporate parents

A corporate parent is an organisation or person who has special responsibilities to care for looked after children and young people, including:

  • those in residential care
  • those in foster care
  • those in kinship care, who live with a family member other than a parent
  • those who are looked after at home

Our care pledge says that we will:

  • look after you
  • treat you right
  • find the right place for you
  • involve you
  • keep you happy and healthy
  • help you get a good education
  • help you get on in life


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